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You register on the website


You list all the stuff you want to sell


It sells to multiple buyers who then pay


You get paid via Paypal

…. erm, OK … so it’s as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Keeping life simple for Airsofters

Happy buyers. Happy sellers.

As a seller, it’s so easy – you can list your item as an auction or as a classified advert, and the moment someone decides that want it, they pop it their cart and when they’ve checked out  … Hey Presto, you get paid.

As a shopper, you may want to buy from a multitude of sellers in a single transaction; well, now there are no more frantic unanswered PM messages hoping that someone else hasn’t bought that über rare one-of-a-kind item in the meantime. When you add an item to your cart and then pay, it’s yours. We handle all the payments to the sellers involved and you get your stuff.

Couldn’t be simpler. Be happy. Be very happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a bunch of ridiculously keen airsofters who have bought and sold thousands of pounds worth of kit on forums and other selling pages – we have been ripped off, let down, and have always found the experience tedious and frustrating even at best.

We thought there must be a better way to do this.

So here we are. After months of planning, coding, late nights and gallons of coffee, a dead Nespresso machine, 2 office moves and not enough actual airsofting, we present airsoftclassifieds.net, the first website dedicated solely to the selling of used airsoft kit.

We hope you like it. Be happy.

We just don’t think that the current way of buying and selling used airsoft kit really works.

We wanted to create something as easy as Ebay, but that was more of a community with informed reviews, news and of course a ‘storefront’.

We’ll be honest here, this isn’t free. We aren’t a charity and we all have other jobs. So while our motives have only ever been altruistic, running a site like this costs a fair bit of time and moolah, so we have to make some of it back.

Our ultimate goal though is to make it free, so the more people who use it the more likely that is to be a reality.

What’s in it for you is that you become part of one of the fastest growing community of airsofters in the country.

Listing your gear with us means that you don’t have to deal with the endless time wasters and offers of swapsies for their grandmother’s stuffed cat (we may jest, but we really have come across some fairly ludicrous swap offers in our time). We’ll also shield you from people just spamming your post saying they prefer M4’s to AK’s or whatever.

Once someone buys your item, it goes into their shopping basket and when they complete the checkout process, they enter a legally binding agreement to buy your stuff. Easy Peasy. Lemon Squeezy even.

erm… no we don’t. We’re not a retailer with a physical “bricks and mortar” presence, and we don’t carry stock of any kind. We operate as an online community to make buying and selling your used kit as easy as possible.

Yes. But only if you want to buy or sell anything for which you may need a valid defence (anything classified as a RIF, a.k.a. Realistic Imitation Firearm). You may buy Two-Tone guns without UKARA if you are 18 or over.

One of the joys of this system is it’s convenient, secure and you are protected.

We’re not a free advertising platform (though our listing fees are very reasonable), and we’re constantly working to get more exposure and reach for your items.

All this doesn’t come free, this is our job – we have children to feed too! So, we do prefer it if you stay within the system. It’s also convenient once someone has bought your item they’ve bought it. No hassling with forum PM’s and messages and people who back out and all the usual rigmarole.

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